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Sales Training Programs for Technical Sales and Sales Engineering

Create Success at Every Stage of the
Sales Process

Prospecting, Discovery, Qualification, Proposals, Negotiations

Buying Facilitation
Translates to Sales Results Improvement

Customers want help in their Buying Journey. Learn how and see the Results Grow.

We Create a Definable Process Your Manager
Can Drive the Execution Needed.

It’s about the words we choose and the tools we use to Enable and Drive Execution

Social Selling Workshop

Do you want to increase conversations and convert them to more opportunities? This sales training workshop delivers a quality approach that enables your team to build more Connections, more Conversations, and more Conversions. Coupled with an Omni Channel approach and Video Skills will make your brand stand apart.

Sales Methodology Training

A definable and repeatable Sales Method geared for the Modern Buyer. This Sales Training is Customized with your messaging and solutions for learning retention and real-world application. Improve your team's Results at Every Stage of Sales.

Sales Training Programs for Sales Engineers

Sales Engineers are an integral part of the sales process yet most do not include them in Sales Training
Our workshops include Sales Engineers so we have a team approach when working with our customers' needs. Each person has a special place in Technical sales and we help create lanes for execution.

Modern Prospecting for your SDR/BDR Teams

Times have changed and cold outreach is harder than ever. We build and teach your teams a modern 22-step Cadence on how to approach the modern buyer for the best results. They will learn how to build value in your brand and name recognition so the modern buyer is more willing to engage and discuss your offerings. This class includes upfront consulting to build the assets and 4 weeks of 1 hour per week of training for the teams.

Management Workshop

At Mastering Technical Sales, we have been running Sales and Engineer leadership workshops since 2014. As we gradually added more components to the curriculum, we decided to write a book about the topic. “Mastering Technical Sales: The Sales and Engineer Manager’s Handbook,” co-authored by John Care and Chris Daly, was released in May 2020. It is the one and only book on the role-specific aspects of being an Sales Manager, SE Manager and a SE Leader, and the reception within the technical community has been quite remarkable and uniformly enthusiastic. We build our Sales and Engineering Leadership workshops around the dual frameworks of the three plus one fundamental role-specific imperatives for presales leadership and the five-stage Sales lifecycle. Every aspect of the various training modules aligns with one or more of those imperatives or stages.


Great Clients
Awesome Reviews


Improve Your
Sales Results

For the last 5 years, I have taken these key lessons and converted them into customizable methods based on your business GTM strategies, practices, approach, and your specific technology and messaging.
We teach an Omni Channel Approach that includes LinkedIn, Calling, Video, and Email that will create more Connections, Conversations and Convert them to customers.
Increase your connectedness to your existing customers and target buyers. Advanced Search techniques and messaging for the Modern Buyer.
Your prospects will see the value in your business and create triggers we can capitalize on.
The key to discovery is to uncover the value your solutions have to offer. We teach teams to find that value and leverage that throughout the Sales Process.
Qualification is about Buyer Engagement. We teach sellers to drive engagement and how buyers behave is the key ingredient to qualification.
Negotiations and Results
Let's face it, Buyers want to feel like they got a good deal. Preserve more margin, increase deals size, and construct's by suggesting ways you can help them win too.

25+ Years of
Experience to help you Grow

After 25+ Years of Successfully Leading Technical Sales Teams, We attended and practiced over a dozen sales method classes. Some good and some bad, but I always took away a few key learning to apply and improve our sales game.

For the last 8 years, We have taken these key lessons and converted them into customizable methods based on your business GTM strategies, practices, approach, and your specific technology and messaging.


Adopt a Documented Repeatable Sales Process.


Up-skill your teams at every stage of sales.


With Execution comes Performance. Drive More Results with skills your people can execute.

Trusted by

Lauren Noonan

I attended Dave’s sales training this week in Texas as part of the Trellix team. I wanted to personally thank you for the time you dedicated to this training. You were a fantastic instructor and coach! You made the long days go by quickly- thanks again😊
Business Development Representative

Chris Manley

My sales team and I just finished training with Dave and we are already seeing what was learned put into practice and paying dividends. Most of my team is early in career, and new to cybersecurity. Customer Centric Selling set the foundation for what the rest of their careers will be based on. The training was tailored to our company and specifically our sales org. I would highly recommend Dave for any sales leader looking to improve their teams skills.
Director, Americas - Commercial Sales

Jackson Rayl

Dave is a class act. Many sales trainings teach how to manipulate, overcome, and power through objections. Dave teaches how to get to the root of a customers problems. By asking the right questions you can truly help them find what they need. The sale revolves around the customer.
Commercial Account Manager

Franky Comella, MBA

I attended Dave’s 2 day course (Thank you Trellix!) and learned valuable information that I was able to apply on Day 1. Not only was the information I learned current and applicable, but it is helping me HELP MY CUSTOMERS.I have always said that the #1 trait in a leader is integrity…when Dave said to reach out to him with any questions, he did not lead me astray. I reached out to him (2 days after our training) to have him proof read a letter I created (with his template) and he gave me INSTANT feedback.THANK YOU DAVE!
Account Executive

Melissa Lamet

Working through the Customer Centric Selling course with Dave was an absolute delight. The concepts are easy to grasp and make a huge, positive, impact on the sales process. I highly recommend taking this course to help elevate your sales success!
Account Executive

Vanessa Russell

Dave deliver social selling training to our cohort of 80 IT students who are preparing for careers in tech. Multiple students commented on how great the content was and suggested that ad deliver the content sooner for future cohorts because it was such a game changer. Thanks Dave for your commitment to our students!!!
Adjunct Professor

Barry Anderson

Big shout out to Dave for helping our team to not only expand their sales skills and knowledge but also creating a path to apply the techniques to everyday business dealings. We have increased sales across the board and will certainly be coming back for more. Thank you Dave.
Founder & CEO

Bilha Diaz

Thank you Dave for your superb social selling techniques. Your program has given my team the new cutting edge of prospecting. Looking forward to your entire sales training and our connection in building new relationships.
Strategic Google Partner Engagement

Brandon Sorensen

We were fortunate enough to have Dave come in and spend a week with our team. I have to say, I’ve been through a lot of sales trainings in my career, and Dave’s program is by far the most impactful week I’ve been a part of. The entire program was a blast to learn and had our team fully engaged all week long.I wanted to take a few weeks before writing this review to see how our team applied the tools and skills learned during this week, and I’m glad I did. My team and I have seen immediate results in our client engagements, sales, and team morale is at an all-time high.If you are looking to give your team a boost in performance, I highly recommend considering Dave and his program. You will certainly be glad you did!
VP of Sales

Alex Budd

Dave came in and gave our sales team a really great game plan on how to get more out of each and every conversation with clients.The immediate return is that our team is having significantly better conversations and we are seeing much more positive outcomes. Goal identification has been very easy for us and in turn, we’re seeing larger deal sizes.Follow-up letters have given our younger reps the foundation needed to recap and clarify while also creating actionable next steps for opportunities.This enables Riverstone to get more of our resources in front of customers to show them the real value we can provide to clients.We just had our one month post training sync up and Dave has been there every step of the way with us. Addressing any questions, concerns, as well as helping me (Sales Director) monitor/track the improvements from our sales team.This has been a great value for our young team and we look forward to working with him as our company grows in the future.
Sales Director

Debbie McClure

Dave facilitated an outstanding workshop for our sales leadership team at Dropbox! He covered the ABCs of Social selling on LinkedIn, covered what makes a great profile and discussed the creative ways to create more meaningful connections, conversations and ultimately valued customers. Dave also shared a networking approach that allows buyers to see the real value of our solutions. Thanks Dave for spending time with us, you are a rockstar!
Vice President of Sales

Greg Semler

Friends and colleagues if you are outside of the Northwest and looking to raise your AM’s business acumen reach out to Dave! His Customer Centric Selling class is amazing!! Already seeing results in the bookings and vendor communication.
Vice President Sales

Sean Padget

Dave is an industry leader with a very relevant approach to sales strategy and management. He has changed the game for our Professional Sales focus as we continue aggressive growth. I highly recommend this training to any sales organization, particularly those with a technology bent.
Managed Services Sales

Kennan Kuffel

Dave, your training on Customer Centric Selling was excellent and very informative. I’ve been in sales for 8 years and you’ve given me specific concrete tools – new tools- that will help me help my customers and add value to their organizations. Highly recommend your course- for new or experienced sales employees!
Account Executive

Alessandro Schoenhoefer

Dave is a great communicator. I was unfamiliar with how to unlock the power of selling through LinkedIn and Dave was able to guide us through best practices.Highly recommend.
Account Executive

Marshall Clayton

I highly recommend the “Social Selling Class” that Dave does. My team and I were able to take what we learned and apply those practices immediately!
Sales Manager

Emma Marsh

Dave’s LinkedIn sales training has already helped my team and I take our LinkedIn profiles and overall strategy to the next level. Dave is very knowledgable and engaging with each and every team member and a true pleasure to work with and learn from!
Sales Operations

David Jacobs

I specifically reached out to Dave to help me build an internal lead generation program. Dave’s overall knowledge of the entire sales process as well as understanding of the industry I was in was extremely insightful. He provided me costs and ROIs of different options as well as contacts to provide overviews of different outsourcing companies to start with. He also provided me with models to show how they compared to each other. It was very educational and helped guide us to making the right decision. I would highly recommend Dave.
Founder and CEO

Will Fulton

During our Vengresso LinkedIn sales training Dave helped my team and I strategize and find more effective ways to use the platform for educating/helping prospective clients. Throughout the training Dave was great at challenging the team and helping us with any struggles we faced throughout the process. One example of this was leveraging LinkedIn messenger as way for prospects to respond to a voicemail. This was a creative solution to a frustrating problem and there were several others similar to this throughout the training. Thank you for your help Dave!
Account Executive

Max Rose

Dave’s experience and knowledge of sales methodology is unmatched. During our training sessions, he shared valuable outbound sales tips to not just strengthen my LinkedIn presence, but also strengthen my outreach through other channels. Dave is a great sales coach and I really appreciated having the opportunity to learn from him.
Account Executive

Robby Paul

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dave for the past 10+ years. I worked for Dave as an employee and then, again, after starting my own company I decided to engage Dave for his expertise as a sales coach and leader. He met with our team over a period of time to help sharpen their skills – especially with regard to virtual selling even before it became a necessity.As the VP of Sales at Nexus IS [Dimensino Data], Dave sponsored a LinkedIn selling initiative in 2013. This was a key reason I chose to engage him for my team so we could leverage his years of experience to help our salespeople master LinkedIn prospecting skills to compete in the increasingly digital world. Now they are reaching more prospects VIRTUALLY.Dave gets my highest recommendation as a sales leader – but also as a quality individual that I’ve been privileged to know for these many years.

Kurt Shaver

Dave Elsner was an early adopter of virtual selling skills way before it became a requirement. As VP of Sales at Nexus IS [later Dimension Data], he sponsored a LinkedIn selling initiative way back in 2013. He did it again as the sales leader at Reliant Technology in 2019. Now he’s helping other companies learn digital-virtual selling skills to help keep a strong pipeline during the COVID era. A number of them who purchased Vengreso’s OnDemand LinkedIn sales course hired Dave to expand the lessons into a team learning program that increases the accountability and results. If you want someone who has “Been There, Done That”, contact Dave.
Group Business Development Executive

Happy Customers


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