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The Tech Sales Coach helps sales teams to improve with Prospecting, Connections, Conversations, Qualification, Deal Development, Negotiations and RESULTS.

Sales Training Solutions

On-Line or In-Person per student; 3 or 4-day classes
Sales Methodology Training
  • I am a big believer in “CustomerCentric Selling” methods because it hits every stage of sales. We customize the training with your solutions and messaging so the team practice what they need to preach. We work with sales teams to implement a consistent, repeatable sales process, that;
  • Salespeople can be taught to execute.
  • Management can be taught to monitor, coach, and inspect.
  • Marketing can support sales-ready messaging to better align and remain in sync.
  • Represents the organization’s best-selling practices.
8-week x 1hr online and 1hr virtual coaching per student; Max 12 per class
Social Selling Workshop
  • Do you want to increase conversations and convert them to more opportunities? I love delivering this workshop because of the results we are seeing. It delivers;
  • Re-Branding of the LinkedIn page so when prospects look, they see your brand and messaging, not a resume
  • Advanced Search techniques to focus on your target Prospect
  • Learn to Follow and Engage with Prospects to get noticed
  • Increase Connections, Conversations and Convert them to Customers
  • Show the Value you offer with Content
Per hour but will depend on commitment level
Fractional Sales Management
  • I have worked with many companies as a Virtual Sales Manager. Many small sales teams report to the CEO, and this helps augment and keep the teams on track and executing at the highest levels. We meet with each team member 1on1 and hold weekly meetings for group collaboration. What you can expect is better;
  • Improve Prospecting, Funnel, Qualification, Deal Development, Negotiations and RESULTS!
  • Compensation Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Sales Process, Sales Tools and Methods
  • On-Boarding and Enablement

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    Copyright 2022 The Tech Sales Coach. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2022 The Tech Sales Coach. All rights reserved.