CONSISTENTLY CLOSE MORE DEALSLearn a proven, repeatable sales process
so you can close more deals

Increase Forecast Accuracy • Create Qualified Opportunities


  • Do you lose deals to NDI (no-decision incorporated)?
  • Are you having trouble accessing decision makers?
  • When you do win, do you have a process for repeating sales success?
  • Do your sales forecasts seem more like a “wish list”?
  • Does “negotiation” mean discounting until the prospect says “yes”?
  • Are your sales and marketing messages aligned?

What Makes CCS® Such an Effective Sales Methodology?

From our beginning in 2002, we recognized that people would rather buy than be sold to. This insight changes a seller’s role from convincing, persuading and overcoming objections to empowering buyers to achieve desired business outcomes through the use of a seller’s offering. The foundation of our methodology is based on research that discovered buyers go through three phases when making buying decisions.

CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS) provides a proven structure that will help you sell more, and do so repeatedly. At the heart of our methodology is a structure that allows sales and marketing to agree on Targeted Conversation Lists™.

These TCL’s identify the titles that sellers must call on to sell, fund and implement offerings. Once the titles have been agreed upon menus of potential business outcomes (goals) that can be achieved by using offerings are defined. This allows marketing to target specific titles and vertical segments and clearly defines what leads are: Key Players interested in achieving one or more goals.

Sales and marketing can then agree on how to position offerings during interactions with buyers. Each title/goal becomes a conversation. Only capabilities relevant to achieving each goal are identified and diagnostic questions are created that sellers ask to determine the buyer’s need-based upon the answers given. Calls are made using prompters that are part of the sales ready messaging®.

We customize your solutions in our Role plays for much better retention of the learnings.

In the 3-day CCS® Workshop, you will:

  • Learn to execute all steps of the sales process by doing several role-plays.
  • Learn to document your efforts with correspondence to buyers that their sales managers review to grade each opportunity against pre-defined milestones.
  • Use specific techniques to identify issues important to the buyer, methods to expand those issues across the organization.
  • Learn how to position your company’s capabilities, when to bring in partners, and how to handle multiple points of entry to the sales process.
  • Leave knowing how to apply the CCS® framework to all phases of your sales process. CCS® will show you how to implement a proven process for selling so that close more deals and save more time.

You can’t afford to let that happen. Implement a proven, repeatable sales process today with The Tech Sales Coach.

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