Social Selling Workshops

LinkedIn sales prospecting methods were on the rise as traditional phone and email prospecting connection rates continued to fall. LinkedIn has emerged as one of the leading ways to reach buyers. We teach sellers to network and engage with Customers and Prospects to build the value of the company brand.
  • LinkedIn Branding
  • Professional Profile Makeovers
  • Advanced Searching Techniques
  • Target, Follow and Drive Engagement
  • Increase Connections, Conversations & Conversions
  • Show the Value you offer with Content
  • Generate 3x the leads of Email and Phone calling alone!

“Prospect Better and Sell More”
This is an 8-week x 1hr online and 1hr virtual coaching workshop.
Max 20 Students per class.

Modern Seller Social Selling Workhops

Program Components (over the 12-month subscription term)

  1. Selling with LinkedIn OnDemand Course
  2. Video Sales Mastery OnDemand Course
  3. Custom Messaging Playbook
  4. Weekly Virtual Coaching by Tech Sales Coach
  5. Follow up call with Team at 2 months and 6 months
  6. Monthly Group Coaching from Vengreso
  7. Quarterly Group Training Update for Vengreso Customers
  8. Monthly All-Access Pass to eBooks, Videos, Webinars, …

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