Why your Sales Process is broke and how to fix it for better results.

January 17, 2023by Dave0

As a sales leader or sales professional, it can be tough when faced with the reality that your company has a broken Sales Process. However, instead of dwelling on the opportunity missed, it’s important to take a step back and understand why this might be the case. By identifying the common issues that can cause a sales process to break down, you can work to improve your approach and increase your chances of success.

Some common issues that can cause a sales process to break down and how to address them.

#1 – Lack of integration with other parts of the business: One of the most crucial elements of a successful sales process is alignment with other parts of the business, such as marketing and customer relationship management (CRM). Without proper integration, it can be difficult to effectively track leads and manage the sales pipeline, resulting in missed opportunities and inconsistent results.

  • To address this issue, it is important to establish clear lines of communication and collaboration between the sales team and other departments. This can be achieved by setting up regular meetings or check-ins to ensure that all teams are aware of each other’s goals and objectives and are working together towards a common goal. Additionally, it is essential to invest in a robust CRM system that can effectively track and manage leads and provide valuable insights into the sales pipeline.

#2 – Lack of customer focus: Another common issue is that the sales process is not focused on the customer. Instead, it is focused on outdated qualifying tactics, trial closes, and demands access to power.

  • To address this, it’s important to shift the focus from selling to the customer to solving their problems. Your goal is to understand and anticipate the needs of your customers and work with them to find the best solution for them. To achieve this, it is important to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and understand their pain points and their decision-making process. Furthermore, it is crucial to listen actively to what customers are saying and actively seek feedback. This way the sales process will be more customer-centric and less focused on just pushing a product or service.

#3 – Linear and restrictive process: Another issue that can cause a sales process to break down is a lack of flexibility. A linear process can be restrictive and might not consider the unique needs and behaviors of buyers.

  • To address this issue, it is important to make your process more of a non-linear pattern that can adapt to the buyer’s behavior. This can be achieved by incorporating a more consultative approach and engaging in active listening, rather than following a rigid script. Additionally, it is important to allow for buyer input and feedback throughout the process and to be open to adapting your approach as needed.

#4 – The sales process is never one process: Finally, it is important to remember that a sales process is not a singular endeavor but rather a series of interconnected processes. For instance, the opportunity management process, the customer relationship process, the customer administration process, etc.

  • To address this issue, it is important to think holistically about your sales process and consider the various interconnected processes that make up the whole. This means involving different teams and cross-functional collaboration, as well as incorporating a continuous improvement mindset to ensure that all processes are constantly evolving to better suit the customer’s needs and drive growth for the company.

I hope this gives you a more detailed understanding of the common issues that can cause a sales process to break down and how to address them. Remember, a well-executed sales process will not only help you close more deals, but also increase customer satisfaction and retention in the long run.

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